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East Budleigh

Surnames on War Memorial:

First World War: - Edye, Farr, Farrant, Gibbs, Harding, Hart, Hill, Lawrence, Marish, Palmer, Pepys, Prew, Sanders, Smith, Snow, Stickland, Stuart, Troake, West

Second World War: - Burch, Clemes, Collins, Davey, Dicks, Elliott, Fane, Hayward, Letten, Palmer, Patch, Pound.

The church contains memorials to the Torriano family.

The Mear Family:

The descendants of a shoemaker.

The Skinner Family:

John Carter of Budleigh Salterton was baptised here in 1835.  

Elias SKINNER,   1737

Elizabeth SKINNER,   1734

Mary SKINNER,   1740

Mary SKINNER,   1775

Sarah SKINNER,   1764

Sarah SKINNER,   1766

Thomas SKINNER,   1735

Henry MEAR,  1829

James MEAR,   1808

James MEAR,   1811

John MEAR,   1806

Sarah MEAR,   1809

Thomas MEAR,   1804

William John MEAR,   1828

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