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War Memorial:

First World War: Berryman, Channing, Chappell, Edmonds, Halse, Ivey, Jenkin, Laity, Marks, Matthews, Short, Sims, St Aubyn, Thomas, Tergoning, Treverrow, White, Williams, Wright

Second World War: Donovan, Edmonds, Egan, Oats, Penny, Richards, Thomas, Treverrow, Turner, Wall, White, Williams

Born or baptised in Marazion:

Elizabeth EDMONDS,  1788

Mary EDMONDS,   1790

William EDMONDS,   1791

Mary A HOLBROOK,   Abt 1852

Eliza WALES,   1813

Elizabeth WALES,   1817

Jane WALES,   1814

John Edmonds WALES,   1811

Thomas Edwards WALES,   1811

Christian WILLS,   Abt 1772

John WILLS,   1769

Richard WILLS,   1779

Thomas WILLS,   1767

William WILLS,   1764

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